Myth 1: My Air Conditioning will work faster if I set my thermostat back 10 degrees.

Truth: It doesn’t matter whether or not your thermostat is set back 10 or 2 degrees your air conditioning unit is going to cool at the same rate. Setting your thermostat 10 degrees back will only cause potential system freeze-ups resulting in an emergency call.

Myth 2: If I leave my ceiling fans on when I am gone they will cool my home.

Truth: Fans do not cool the air or your home. Ceiling fans feel like they’re reducing the temperature in your home, but in reality, they’re just moving the air in the room. The cool feeling the fans are creating only exists while you’re in the room because the air movement is removing the moisture from your skin; giving you the cooling effect. So when you leave your home turn your fans off and save energy, you’ll thank us later!

Myth 3: It’s more cost-effective to keep my thermostat at the same temperature all day.

Truth: This long-standing myth has been proven wrong numerous times now. Energy Star has stated programmable thermostats can save a homeowner up to 20% on their energy bills each year.

Pro Tip: When the weather is set to hit extremes (90s in the Summer or single digit temps in the Winter) you should not set back your thermostat more than 2-4 degrees during the day; this ensures your system will be able to catch up and ensure you’re comfortable at the end of the day.

Myth 4: Closing vents in unused parts of your home will force air to areas where you need it more.

Truth: Your furnace and duct system were designed to handle a set amount of forced air (otherwise known as CFM), by closing floor vents you’re overloading your duct system and forcing the air to find other escape routes. The extra stress on your ducts creates duct leakage, reduces the efficiency of your system, and shortens the life expectancy of your equipment. If you find yourself closing air vents it might be good to look into a ductless system or zoning for your home.

Myth 5: You shouldn’t waste your money on annual Air-conditioning maintenance.

Truth: Annual Maintenance on your system is critical. A dirty air conditioning unit doesn’t allow your unit to breathe properly which leads to an array of problems. Regular cleanings can keep your unit running smoothly and efficiently. Regular maintenance also gives us a chance to catch problems that may have developed over the winter or evict critters who decide to nestle up in your unit for winter. Neglecting maintenance will lead to an emergency call at the worst possible time—with the extra cost and discomfort that comes with it.

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