Myth 1

My house will heat up faster if I set my thermostat to the highest setting.


It doesn’t matter if you set your thermostat up 2 or 10 degrees, your single-stage furnace is going to heat at the same rate. Setting your thermostat 10 degrees up will only leave you with higher bills and a hot uncomfortable home.

Note: This does not take into account 2 stage and modulating systems. Turning the thermostat up more than 3 degrees past its current set point will kick the furnace into the high stage.

Myth 2

The quality of air in my home is better than the outdoor air.


As stated by the EPA your indoor air quality (IAQ) is anywhere from 2-5 more times polluted than outdoor air, and in some cases even 100x worse! The decreased quality of indoor air is a result of the energy crisis in the 70’s and 80’s. Since then houses have been built ‘tight’ meaning there is little room for air penetration into and out of your home. This results in very little air turnover in your home creating your stale polluted air.

Looking for ways to improve your IAQ, look no further–> IAQ Products.

Myth 3

Closing vents helps airflow to rooms I want.


Closing floor vents overloads your duct system and forces air to find other escape routes. The extra stress on your ducts creates duct leakage, reduces the efficiency of your system, and shortens the life expectancy of your equipment.

Note: If you’re looking for practical solutions ductless systems or zoning are great options!

Myth 4

Duct tape is a good duct sealant.


Duct tape is good for a lot of things, but sealing duct is not one of them (even though it’s in the name). The problem is duct tape does not seal well and becomes brittle and dried out. Looking for the right tape for DIY duct sealing? It’s right here.

Myth 5

If I buy a high-efficiency furnace, I will not see the payoff in my lifetime


Upgrading a furnace from an 80% efficient to a 96% efficient furnace saves a homeowner on average $600 a year on their utility bills. Need to believe it to see it? Check it out right here, we calculated and showed the savings a customer might receive upgrading from an 80% furnace to a 96% furnace.

Bonus Myth

Maintenance isn’t necessary every year on my furnace.


Your HVAC system is like a car, you wouldn’t go years without an oil change, would you? The same concept applies to your furnace. The idea of furnace maintenance is to keep your furnace clean and in optimal condition. Also, maintenance allows us to identify small problems before they grow into larger more expensive headaches.

Interested in professional furnace maintenance? Contact us here and will be in touch shortly.

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