1. Install a wifi thermostat
  2. Not only will this save you up to 20% in energy costs each year it also allows you to alter your thermostat schedule on the go. On-the-go scheduling gives you the ability to set your thermostat back longer if you find you’re not going to be home at your normal time, saving you extra cooling costs

  3. Insulate, Insulate, Insulate
  4. Insulate your attic and walls, and seal cracks on doors and windows to prevent warm air from seeping into your home.

  5. Insulate and seal ducts
  6. Air loss through ducts accounts for about 30% of a cooling system’s electric consumption (Department of Energy). Air ducts should never be sealed with duct tape, but rather special tape, or duct sealant for proper sealing.

  7. Avoid appliance usage.
  8. Avoid heating your home with appliances on hot days. Instead of using the oven or microwave inside consider grilling outdoors to avoid adding heat load to your home

  9. Change your window coverings.
  10. Find energy-efficient window coverings that let in natural light, and prevent solar gain.

  11. Buy an energy efficient Air-Conditioner
  12. Today’s best air-conditioner unit can cut your cooling costs up to 20-40% even if your air-conditioner is only 10 years old (Department of Energy).

  13. Use a fan when you’re showering or cooking.
  14. Showers and stoves are known to produce excessive heat and humidity, so it’s a good idea to always keep a fan or stove hood running to ensure the extra heat is being removed from your home.

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