Originally from Japan, ductless heating and cooling (AKA mini-split systems) was introduced to the US about 30 years ago. Sales and popularity have been growing since then due to their high-efficiency levels, affordable price tag, and flexibility of installation. Ductless systems can be used in numerous applications.

Below are 5 common mini-split applications:

3 Seasons Room Conversion

When converting 3 Seasons Rooms to a 4 Seasons Room it may be costly to extend your current ductwork and increase the size of your current split system to accommodate the room. Ductless systems are a great solution because they’re able to provide enough heating and cooling. Also, these systems will save you the extra expense of upgrading your entire existing system.

Man Caves/ She Sheds

With all the craze surrounding Man Caves and She Sheds, people are now converting old unused rooms. The only problem is no one seems to know how to heat and cool these newly converted spaces. Ductless systems are the perfect solution to efficiently and quietly heat and cool Man Caves or Sheds.

Uncomfortable Room

Everyone has that one room (usually the Master Bedroom or the corner office) that is always too hot or too cold depending on the season. By adding a mini-split system to this room the occupant can adjust the system to their ideal comfort setting without adjusting the temperature of the whole office or home.

Commercial Office

Ductless systems are commonly used in commercial buildings with numerous offices. These systems are ideal for multiple zone control. Also, they enable employees to monitor and control their separate zones without affecting other zones in the building.

Spaces Without Ductwork

In homes or businesses that do not have existing ductwork, installing a heating and air conditioning system with ductwork can be very costly. In these situations, ductless systems are often the go-to choice because they eliminate the need for ductwork and provide efficient heating and cooling.

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