Why is My Air Conditioning Blowing Hot Air?

Woman checking ductless air conditioner.

Why is your air conditioner unit starting to blow warm air? There are a couple reasons this may be happening, but one thing we know is no AC is unacceptable in West Chicago, IL. At Chris Mechanical we want you to keep cool, so here are a few minor items you may want to look at before you request service online.

Check Your Thermostat

Often the easiest solution to your problem is right in front of your face. Be sure to check your thermostat and make sure it is set to ‘cool’. If for some reason your thermostat was switched to ‘heat’ toggle the switch to ‘off’. Then let your system sit for a minute, now you can switch your thermostat to ‘cool’ (this avoid blowing a fuse).

Also you may want to check your thermostat’s programmed schedule. If your schedule is setback to ‘78’ all day while you’re at work and then it cranks down to ‘72’ right when you get home your AC will not catch up. Instead program your thermostat to starting cooling 2 hours before you get home to ensure a comfortable climate.

Programmable thermostats are available here

Dirty Filter

How often do you really change your filter? If you can’t remember it maybe be time to go and at least check your filter. When you forget to change your filter dust and debris in your home’s air build up on your filter. Eventually your filter becomes so clogged it suffocates your HVAC system usually leading to a freeze up. Now you’re stuck requesting a service call because your AC is no longer working, so its vital to check your filter.

Need help picking out a filter? We have a helpful guide right here.

Know what filter you need? Get it here.

Units Turned On and Clean

Most people don’t know or forget that in order for your AC to work both your indoor and AC need to operating. A common problem we see is someone has bumped into their furnace and accidentally switched their unit off. Avoid simple problems like this and check your switches to make sure both your units are on.

Another common AC breakdown is a dirty AC coil. Dirty AC coils deny your unit the proper airflow it needs to get rid of the heat from your home. If your coil is covered in grass and other debris take a hose and carefully spray off the debris (be sure to not spray water directly into the unit). If this doesn’t seem to help you may need a professional cleaning.

Problems for the Pros

The items listed above are just a few easily identifiable AC breakdowns. If you’ve gone through all these and your AC is still blowing warm air it’s time to give us a call.

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